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Selling Your Home with Turner Real Estate

Why Turner Real Estate?

We Sell Homes That Other Agents Could NOT Get Sold!

Allow me to explain. My name is Wayne Turner. I began selling homes nearly 30 ago and have specialized in the sale of homes that were previously on the market but didn’t sell. As a result, I have helped more than 4,000 homeowners sell their properties.

As my team and I have marketed, promoted, and advertised our properties over the years we have acquired a list of more than 45,000 home buyers who have requested our services to help them find a home. They are currently using our tools, websites, system, and software and they wish to be among the very first to see our newest properties listed for sale.

Once we place your home on the market our system matches your property with our 45,000+ home buyers. It then places them in chronological order from highest to lowest match. We then immediately deploy the information on your home to the specific buyers who best fit your property. They are then contacted by my staff to schedule an appointment for them to see your home. The result is your home gets sold fast and for more money.

“We Don’t Wait For Home Buyers…We Bring Your Home to the Buyers”

Our Presentation for Your Review…

A Team of Agents for the Cost of One!

We believe in superior customer service at Wayne Turner Group brokered by eXp Realty. As a homeowner, you pay thousands of dollars when selling your home. This is why we feel it is critical to exceed all of our customer’s expectations and for them to feel as though our services were worth it. To provide such a service it takes a team of highly focused individuals all working toward the common goal, to sell your home fast, for the most money, and have you incur no stress. This is why we deploy our team once your home is placed on the market for sale. When you hire Wayne Turner Group brokered by eXp Realty, you have a full-service team of professionals working for you, not just an individual agent.


We communicate with our clients on a weekly basis. We provide you feedback from the buyers that have viewed your home. In addition, you receive emails notification as to the marketing and promotions performed on your property. After your home is shown we deploy a series of feedback requests from agents who showed your property. We then send you their direct feedback so you hear what they and their customer thinks of the property.

Marketing, Promotions, and Advertising

We place your home on every single real estate brokerage’s website. Coldwell Banker, Re/Max, Keller-Williams, Latter-Blum, C-21, and hundreds of others. We launch a full social media marketing campaign on your home and we don’t stop until the property closes. We deploy a notification stream to all real estate agents and Corporations who have relocating employees. We promote and pursue buyers through technology and techniques called target marketing. We take the leading qualities from your home and deploy targeted promotions to people we know your home will be a good fit based on their lifestyle. Additionally and one of the most important benefits we offer is our large database of home buyers using our websites. When we list your home we immediately match your property with the buyers in our system looking for a home. Our ai software tells us which buyers are the best match for your home.

Why Do Some Agents NOT Sell the Homes they List?

The average real estate agent sells just 6 houses a year. It takes just 30 days and $1,000 to get a real estate license. Ninety-one percent of real estate agents use real estate as a part-time job. This is mainly due to the agent’s compensation being 100% commission. The people this truly affects in a negative way are homeowners who are not aware that the agent they hired to sell their home is not a full-time professional in the industry.

This is why for nearly three decades I have devoted my career to helping thousands of people buy and sell real estate. It was early on in my career that I discovered a huge majority of homes placed on the market DO NOT SELL with the first agent. It’s not that the homes don’t sell it’s just the first or second agent fails to sell the home. This costs homeowners thousands of dollars as timing is a huge factor when it comes to selling a home. The faster the sale the more money a homeowner makes.

Selling your home can be one of the most stressful things a person will experience in their lifetime. It seems everyone knows someone who is a real estate agent. With 1.6 Million real estate agents in the U.S., it’s easy to see how homeowners can be faced with uncertainty when it comes to hiring a person to sell their home. A staggering 29% of the homes placed on the market DO NOT SELL with the first real estate agent.

What’s the Difference between Real Estate Agents?

A seasoned agent will have connections within the industry and most importantly they will have a bank of home buyers using their services to search for homes. However, that’s not the only factor. You see real estate companies do not give, loan, or pay real estate agents money for them to promote and advertise the properties they list for sale. It’s all up to the agent. Agents are paid a percentage of the commission on what the homeowner has agreed to pay the brokerage firm the agent works with.

We at Wayne Turner Group brokered by eXp Realty are a team-centric company with the financial means to promote and advertise your property to ensure it is seen by thousands of potential home buyers and not just our buyers. We cross-promote and target market your property so that it is placed on every single real estate company’s website and portal across the nation, not just local.

Our Past Clients Say it Best…

Mr. Turner and his staff were awesome!
We’ve had multiple sales with Wayne.

The first time his company sold us our home.
The second time he sold our home

and helped us purchase our dream home.
– Mrs. Black

“I’ve sold several homes over the years with Wayne Turner. Always very professional and knowledgeable! If you’re selling a home don’t use any other real estate company other than Turner Real Estate.”
– Kendra

My home was on the market for a year with one of the large real estate companies and it didn’t sell. I was contacted by Wayne and saw that he specialized in selling homes that other agents could not get sold. This guy listed my house and sold it in 2 weeks! He is the real estate when it comes to real estate. – James Hoffman

Cancel Your Listing Anytime & Pay Nothing! 

Offering our customers one-day listing agreements is one of the best ways for them to feel comfortable about their decision to hire us. Our listing agreement allows homeowners to cancel their agreement with us at any time while listed at no cost whatsoever. It’s Really Simple. You Hire us you can fire us! It’s your home and you’re in control. So, when you list with Turner Real Estate you never feel trapped into a long contract that you can’t get out of.

The goal at Turner real estate is to always provide premier service and effective marketing techniques, advertising, and promotions allowing customers to get their homes sold fast for the most money and with no stress. We’ve sold thousands of homes and saved our clients literally millions of dollars over the years.

At Turner Real Estate, we believe every homeowner should have the power to cancel their listing agreement with any company if exceptional service is not provided. That is why we are proud to provide a day-to-day contract, so you can enjoy complete freedom in your real estate dealings with no hassle and no worry. You will receive exceptional service from experienced professionals – so much so that we can guarantee this offer without hesitation. 

We never compromise on quality and make every effort to ensure our clients’ satisfaction no matter what. Our company is standing by ready to be of service when you’re serious about selling. 

Getting a Cash Offer on Your Home your home the traditional way isn’t the only option for getting it sold. With our cash offer program, you don’t have to worry about the hassle of listing or showing. With this efficient program, you will be able to get your home off the market quickly and easily without having to deal with any of these drawn-out inconveniences. This quick process allows you to get back to life as normal.

How We Sell Houses When Other Agents Can’t

I know you are frustrated your home didn’t sell but I can sell it and sell it fast. Allow me to explain. Having helped more than 4,000 homeowners sell their homes, I’ve discovered in my nearly 30 years in real estate that 29 percent of the homes placed for sale don’t sell with their first agent. The great news is many do sell with the second or sometimes the third agent. This is why I’ve made it my mission to assist as many homeowners as possible sell their properties.

Allow me to Explain… It’s likely we may already have a buyer for your home. You see my staff and I have used specific property promotions, target advertisements, metadata, consumer actions, keyword searches along with software algorithms to mass a pool of more than 44,000 home buyers. These people have given us their personal information, the specifics of what they want in a home, and created their own custom home search profile within our web portal.   

How Does this Benefit You… When we place your home on the market our software matches your home to the buyer’s home search criteria. It’s like a dating site but for houses and home buyers. It literally shows us which buyers in real time match your home. It then places the buyers in numerical order based on the ones who best match your home. My team immediately contacts the buyer that matches your property to schedule a private showing. The result…you’re home sold faster, for more money, and with no stress!

Stay Connected with Us

Cash Offer Q & A…

If you’re considering selling your home, our CASH OFFER NOW program could be the perfect fit. To start the process all you need to do is get in touch with us and let us know a bit about your home. We just need to make sure it meets our criteria and is located within our service areas. 

Once we have this basic information, we can then work with you to carry out an evaluation of your home. This takes into account any potential problems that may arise such as active building permits or foundations issues which could hinder the sale of your home. If we can’t make an offer on your property we will let you know why without delay.

What’s the process?

We review your property and give you a purchase price within 72 hours of reviewing the home.
If you find the offer acceptable, we draw up the contract with a closing date that is acceptable to you. How quickly you wish to close is up to you. This depends on if the property is vacant, just land, or if the home is occupied. 

Do I have to accept the offer? 

Absolutely not. You are by no means obligated to sell your property. 

What happens if you don’t buy my home? 

If our offer does not work for you may move on to other options. As a full-service real estate brokerage firm, you may elect to take advantage of our 1-day listing service. This allows you to place your home on the live local MLS market where thousands of home buyers have full access to the details of your property. Your home would also be placed in our home buyer portal which matches your home to our 40,000 home buyers using the portal. At any time while listed for sale, you may cancel the agreement at no cost to you. 

Meet The Team

Just a Few More things we do at Turner Real Estate…

Wayne is a Real Estate Broker with nearly three decades of experience selling real estate.

Homeowners can cancel their listing with Wayne at any time while listed and pay nothing!

Experience…Wayne and his team have experienced every possible situation in a real estate transaction. You will never incur any stress selling your home.

Your property is placed on more than 10,000 websites within the first 9 days of being on the market. Your home gets maximum exposure.

The most innovative marketing, promotions, and advertising are done on your property.

We have a staffed corporate office located in Mandeville, LA.

You can sell your house yourself while listed with us and pay nothing.

We use the newest and most innovative software, cameras, and video equipment to shoot cinematic footage of your property with an in-house production team.

Full-time staff…an actual person is always available to assist you.

Our staff never misses a call. We always have someone who answers calls, checks emails, and answers text messages about your property.

Fully optimized Search Engine Optimization SEO for your specific property. Google us!

Weekly updates showing the progress of advertising and promotions on your property.

Feedback from every property viewing on your home.

Our average time on the market is just 28 days.

We have corporate connections with major corporations in the New Orleans area.

Properties are fully integrated on Zillow,, and Trulia.

Full High Definition (HD 4k) video shot on your property.

Showing Time Appointment center to ensure we never miss a showing.

Instant chat on web portals to quickly answer a buyer’s question.

Social Media promotions and paid advertisements are done on your property.

A full photo shoot is done on your property.

All websites are optimized for mobile devices to ensure precise viewing of your property.

More than 4,000 Homes Sold!

YouTube Channel where property listings are promoted.

Full-time Group of agents to immediately assist a buyer for your home.

Podcast bringing awareness to your property for sale.

Your home is promoted and marketed on every real estate company’s website.

We use the exact software that appraisers use to help you determine the value of your home.

Wayne is a Certified Residential Specialist.

Over 45,000 home buyers use our systems and websites to find their homes.

MLS – Your home is immediately input into the Multiple Listing Service.

The homes we list are placed and optimized on every single real estate company’s website.

Human resources approved for the top 500 corporations in the entire metro New Orleans area.

We supply our clients with the same information and software used by appraisers to assist in them choosing the right price for their homes.

These are just 30 of the hundreds of tactics we use to sell homes fast, for the most money, and with no stress
to our clients. Please call us to schedule a time to get your home sold.

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