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    Meet Our Group

    Wayne Turner
    Broker/ Owner
    (985) 626-1313
    Rachel Turner
    Leigh Ann Gutierrez
    Heather Baas
    Associate Broker


    Anne Areneaux
    Anne Areneaux
    Darrius McCorvey
    Randy Lejeune


    With more than 2 decades of selling residential homes, you could say Wayne Turner knows a thing or two about real estate. With that he has compiled a team of the industries most experienced professionals in their field to service clients. It’s the service that makes us different,”  says Turner; “We are not a Discount Broker that does 5-7 things then sits and waits for the buyers or other agents to sell your home. We already have buyers for your home, it’s how we sell so many homes. At any given we have more than 40,000 active home buyers using our tools, websites and technology to find their home.” Turner Says, We are extremely aggressive with the use of technology because we know people use the internet to find, research and view homes and they do it 85% of the time on their mobile device.

    What excites Turner most about his newest technology is the best match feature on his web portal. Similar to a site for people dating, his software takes your home and cross references with the ten of thousands of buyers in his data portal who are actively searching for homes. It then gives Wayne and his group a list of the most likely home buyers to purchase your property. “This is a big reason factor in us selling homes so fast,”  says Turner.

    Exceptional value and service is the most common dominator we hear from Turner and his group. They believe in wowing the customer. Always given more than what is expected.

    QUESTION: What Separates Wayne from Other Realtors?

    1. Wayne is a Real Estate Sales Broker. Yes, Wayne sells houses and leads the group.
    2. You can cancel your listing agreement with Wayne at anytime while listed and pay nothing!
    3. Wayne has FREE moving Trucks. This is great for home sellers and it’s an incentive for buyers as well.
    4. Experience…They say that Knowledge is learned but wisdom comes after knowledge and wisdom earned.
    5. Your home is placed on over 8,000 websites within the first 7 days.
    6. The most innovative marketing, promotions and advertising is done on your property.
    7. We actually have a professional office environment.
    8. Sell your house yourself while listed and pay nothing.
    9. We have the newest video software, cameras and equipment to promote your property.
    10. We have more than 40,000 active homes buyers using our services to find a home.
    11. Full time staff…an actual person is always available to assist you or a buyer enquiring about your home.
    12. Fully optimized Search Engine Optimization SEO for your specific property.
    13. Weekly updates showing the progress of advertising and promotions on your property.
    14. Feed back from every property viewing on your home.
    15. Average time on the market is just 28 days.
    16. Corporate Relocation connections with major corporations.
    17. Property Fully integrated on Zillow, and Trulia.
    18. Full High Definition (HD 4k) video shot on every property.
    19. ShowingTime Appointment center to ensure we never miss a showing.
    20. Instant chat on web portals so as to quickly answer a buyers question.
    21. Social Media promotions and paid advertisement done on your property.
    22. Full photo shoot done on your property.
    23. All websites optimized for mobile devices to ensure precise viewing of your property.
    24. YouTube Channel where property listings are promoted.
    25. Full time Group of agents to immediately assist a buyer for your home.
    26. Podcast bringing awareness to your property for sale.
    27. Your home is promoted and marketed on every real estate companies website.
    28. We use the exact software that appraisers use to help you determine your homes value.
    29. Wayne is a Certified Residential Specialist.
    30. Experience…Wayne Turner has brokered the sale of more than 3,500 homes.

    These are just 30 of the hundreds of tactics we use to sell homes fast, for the most money and with no stress
    to our clients. Please call us to schedule a time to get your home sold. We would love to meet you!

    “You Win in Life by Helping Others!” – Wayne