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Bond for Deed-Owner Financing? #1 Site for Owner Financed Homes in New Orleans!

Bond for Deed Homes and Owner Financing…

How to be a Homeowner next week? Here is How! Choosing St.Tammany owner financing-bond for deeds homes are a great option for homebuyers and the closings happens fast. Similar to a deed in trust or owner financed property; that is often used when the seller has a mortgage on the property. An owner financed property does not have a mortgage or have a loan on the property. Owner financing-bond for deeds is a short-term finance program and the deed is typically held in trust by an attorney. As a buyer you have the choice of two options. They may obtain their own financing or continue to make payments to the owner until they have been paid in full at which point the deed is passed to the new owner. St. Tammany owner financing-bond for deeds methods of purchasing a home has become more prevalent since lenders have tightened credit requirements. This Site Updates & Adds New Bond for Deed Properties Every Hour! Call 985-626-1313 

The exciting part of a bond for deed is that you get credit as a home owner when looking to refinances the property. Many consumers have less than perfect credit for a variety of reasons. Job layoffs, cutbacks and the economic issues of the past have resulted in problems finding qualified buyers for conventional financing. Bond for deed is a solution that provides buyers with an alternative to home owner ship. In addition, sellers who are not looking for a quick ‘cash out’ of the equity in their home will effectively turn it into an investment. Choosing St.Tammany owner financing-bond for deeds can often result in faster sales. There is no back ground check, usually no credit check or verification of employment when buying a house bond for deed

Buying St. Tammany owner financing-bond for deeds homes is a legal transaction. All the papers are drawn up and signed by the parties involved. The only difference is the deed transfer will not take place until the seller has been paid in full. The procedure includes a contract between the seller of the St. Tammany home, the buyer and a third party. The third party is often referred to as the ‘escrow company.’ The buyer sends the payment for the home to the escrow company and they pay the mortgage on the property owned by the seller. If there is money left after this is paid, it is deposited into the seller’s bank account.

For sellers, this method can be a beneficial way of selling their home without it being on the market for a long time. Selling a home bond for deed is a quick closing, typically within a week.

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