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Why to Sell in November & December

Wanting to sell your St. Tammany home, but wondering if it’s a good time to sell? Look no further! Wayne Turner with Turner Real Estate Group gives you the top 10 reasons why now is a great time to list your Slidell, Mandeville, or Covington home for sale!

Here’s our Top 10 Reasons to Sell in November and December:

1. Serious Home Buyers.  Home buyers looking during these times are not just tire kickers.  They’re approved and ready.

2. Exterior of homes are dormant due to colder weather.  Less work a home owner needs to do. Buyers are more focused on the interior.

3. Homes show better!  Homes decorated for the holidays tend to look more inviting and comforting.  A buyer can see themselves being comforted by the property.

4. We buy homes based on emotion and justify the cost with logic. Home buyers become more emotionally connected with homes this time of year.

5. Home buyers have more time to look at properties.  Vacation days that do not roll over
to the next year tend to be used for the purpose of looking at property.

6. Home buyers have goals set to buy a home before the year’s end.  Many times this decision is
made for tax purposes.

7. Get a jump on the relocation market.  Most large corporations transfer their employees at the beginning of the year. Having a home on the market gets you ahead of other homes waiting until spring. By that time, these corporate transferees have already made purchases.

8. Homes owners can limit or restrict showings for family events and gatherings yet still take advantage of the
their spruced up and decorated show ready property.

9. Delayed closings.  When you get an offer you can pick and chose a specific time to close and what day
to allow for possession of the property to the buyer. These days can be extended into January.

10. We promote and advertise your St.Tammany property for the entire time it is on the market for sale.  We begin with the most effective promotions first.  Placing a home on the market during these months gives your home a jump start over homes.

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