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Early Bird Home Buying

It’s our early bird benefits! Everyone has apprehension when buying a home. If you’ve ever bought a home, you probably remember that. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first home or your fifth home, everybody has a little bit of apprehension. That’s why we put in place our early bird benefits program. It’s simply a way for home buyers to become more comfortable with the home buying process.

There’s 5 components to it:

1st: Getting the Best Rate – Knowing which loan programs work best for you. Done between 1-3 months.

2nd: Credit – If a lot of people make little minor adjustments, they’ll result in huge benefits in your credit score. And remember, you only need a 620 credit score to buy a house.

3rd: Knowing What You Qualify For – We can do that over the phone in 5 minutes. There’s no cost or obligation. and we don’t pull your credit. You just answer a few questions, and we tell you right there what you can qualify for as far as monthly payment.

4th: Being Informed of Off-the-Market Properties – There are hundreds of properties every year that never hit the big sites like and Zillow. Being local, we have local access to those properties, and we can inform you of those properties – even if listed by owner.

5th: The Best Buys – The homes that are priced right and the cleanest are always going to be the ones to sell. We never want you to miss an exceptional buy. Our software puts you first in line, and gives you instantly those properties the minute they’re listed.

That’s our home buying early bird benefits. If you have any questions call 985-626-1313 or visit our buyer’s website HERE.

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